Collection Chroma
The Marko brand has the opportunity to please you with an interesting novelty. We are ready to offer professional colored pencils of the new Kromo series for experiments in your creativity. The pencils of this series received a new color scheme for the body, with each color numbered in accordance with Marco's color palette. The core of Kromo pencils, in terms of its composition and quality, opens a new line in a long range of products under the Marko brand. The rod is 3.3 mm thick, which is not unusual, but the drawing properties take the rod to a whole new level of super premium. The rod has increased smoothness and hiding power, besides the toga pleases with the richness of the applied colors and the softness of their application. Pencils are packed either in carton packs with a pull-out segment, or in metal cases, with a new memorable design of the applied drawing. We hope that with the new series of pencils we will delight the experimental spirit of our devoted friends.