Bigger than just pensils

Pencils TM Marco

presented by our company on the Ukrainian market since 2000.

During this period, the "Marco" TM pencils have rightly won the most popularity among customers, and certainly occupied a leading position in the segment of high-quality pencils at an affordable price.

The assortment range of

"MARCO" products is well represented

наборов фломастеры
наборов карандаши цветные
наборов карандаши графитные
наборов масляная пастель
наборов цветная акварель
набор карандаши неон

The benefits of pencils TM "Marco" include:


- Unique pencil lead and color formula

Components from Europe, Japan and the United States provide an optimum gloss, brightness and color homogeneous. The inherent softness of the lead guarantees the best coverage when drawing.

Prevents the breakage or looping when sharpened.

Perfectly centered and fully attached lead, sealed in the pencil body

Extremely high quality wood

Uniformly impregnated with a special compound that provides the best sharpening results.

Presentable appearance, bright and colorful decoration, comfy and handy to use - pencil sets available in cardboard or metal boxes.