Collection ColorCore

The constant pursuit of new, neoteric ideas led the MARCO TM engineers to create an assortment of Innovated Series, the Color Core Pencil Collection.

The pencils in this serie, while hold on to the standard body size, got the thick lead of 4 mm. The increased stout lead occupies in percentage the most of the pencil body, increasing significantly the coverage area of the drawing lines, which expands the pencil life service in comparison to its standard relative. In addition, the serie has been enhanced by an interesting packing design and developed a new attractive concept. By the corpus type shape and by design the serie is divided in two parts: for the male and female customers. The Female pencils got the round profile, and Male - hex.

The Carton Pack assortment of the Color Core serie is equipped with an extra Graphite Pencil. This interesting, individual set design of 13, 25, 37 pencils per pack, places this serie as the most presentable to decorate any exhibition show or shelf store displays. The Metal Packing serie repeats the technological design of the cardboard, with sets of 12, 24, 36 color pencils.

It is in all of our trust, that this high-tech novelty of Color Core collection will occupy a respectable place in the assortment offered under the MARCO Brand.

Color pencils