Collection Пегашка

"Pegashka" (Russian “ПЕГАШКА”) Pencil Series are designed for our younger artists. These pencils focus on and contribute to develop the abilities of children as young as three years old, into lovely and most unexpected fantasies in the art of drawing. Bright, colorful packing, with the main logo of a young inspirational Pegasus, under the funny name “Pegashka” (Little Pegasus), instantly pleased our small, young friends.

Acknowledged the importance of safety when it comes to children using pencils, MARCO manufacturers are taking a real good care during the production process. The Pencils are colored in neutral dye, harmless to young artists. The same applies to the components of the lead, selected with the utmost care and met by all safety criteria. Furthermore, the pencil leads are softened, which makes it easy for our young talents to perform their first artworks. If a pencil falls, even from a great height, the lead inside remains undamaged, while the outer sharpened part breaks off without any sharp chips. Easy sharpening and resistance to temperature variables, are some of the more advanced qualities enjoyed by our little admirers. Also, the “Jumbo” Pencils in this serie, in addition to quality, give our youngest friends of immature muscle fingers the ability to use their whole wrist in the process of drawing. Thicker, puffy pencil, conveniently fits in a child's fragile fist, while the 5 mm lead will for long without extra sharpening, engage the attention to drawing of a young inquisitive child.

We are pleased to offer to our little friends a range of assortment in the colorful "Pegashka" serie, and with the promising motto "We Grow Together" wish a progressively creative growth along with our “Little Pegasus” hero. Hope that a time will come, and when grown up to a real Pegasus at its strong wings, the inspiration will be cultivated to create imperishable masterpieces drawn by a pencil of one of our next professional series.