Collection Raffine

"Raffine" Pencil Series – are the pencils for professionals. The ideal multi-coated casing of eco-friendly dye and matt varnish, the elegantly rounded end, the upper part coloring same as the color of the lead, all emphasize on the harmony embodied in the wood. In unison and consent to the pencil, the packing is neat, laconic, but at the same time extravagant and very informative. Composed on a special design carton, lacquered and decorated with emboss lettering, the packing functionality is enhanced by the retractable tray, which simplifies and allows to quickly choose the desired tone from the pencil color palette. But, the certainly impressive visible part of the pencil is just the tip of the iceberg. The inner content is no less attractive. The lead is manufactured of high quality materials, according to a special developed company formula. Without a doubt, eco neat and always friendly to the environment, the final product is confirmed by international reputable laboratories and Ukraine certificates.

An important hallmark in this serie is its lead diameter of 3.2 mm, where the thickness of the majority standard pencil leads produced worldwide is of 2.5 to 2.9 mm. When drawing, upon each stroke, the enlarged diameter provides an additional cover percentage, which ultimately extends the pencil life and use duration compared to its analogue thinner counterparts. The carefully selected balance in the softness of the lead, makes the work with the "Raffine" Pencil as good as a good time spending. Gently, without much pressure, you can create the right, desirable color tone effect and the necessary degree of spread or cover. To simplify the process of sharpening and prevent breakage, the lead is perfectly centered and properly attached with a special adhesive in its wooden case. You can observe how from the sharpener’s blade, goes out a long smooth ribbon of pencil shaving. The parameters of these shavings allow a professional to assess the quality of the sharpened pencil. So, on the cut of the scob each layer of coating paint must be clearly viewed, while attached and held tight to the wood and flowing without interruption is the graphite lead. Such sharpening shavings are inherent in all MARCO pencils and particularly in the "Raffine" serie.

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A separate issue, which needs to be mentioned is the kind and quality of wood used in the process. Only high quality Linden wood and a long natural, automatic drying procedure is in fabrication of the "Raffine" series. For ease of cutting and sharpening during the process, the pencil body is impregnated with a special mixture, in order to avoid the cracking of the wood stick while operating under various temperature degrees or humidity conditions.

Especially, need to point out the assortment in the "Raffine" series. Cardboard packing is offered of 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 color pencils and metal/tin box with a handy plastic tray of 12, 24, 36, 50 pencils of various colors. Another proposal is Watercolor pencils, which lead components in addition to water and the brush included in the set, allow to create the effect of a watercolor painting, with its vagueness and transparency. The "Raffine" watercolor serie includes watercolor pencil sets of 12, 24, 36 colors in a cardboard or metal/tin box. The packing design tightly intersects with the rest of the "Raffine" packing designs, with just the distinction and focus on the main concept on the main front of the package to emphasize its watercolor orientation. A distinctive feature of the "Raffine" serie is also the presence of a line of graphite pencils of varying degrees of hardness from 3H to 8B. The range is presented as sets of same hardness, or hardness of various degree put together with a bias for either drawing or artistic graphic work. As flagship for the black graphite line, stands the metal pencil case with pencils of twelve different degrees of hardness.

In summary the serie of the "Raffine" pencils is recommended as a reliable, high-quality instrument for the implementation of fantasies and ideas for both professional and novice artists.