Collection Grip-rite

«Grip-rite» serie became the icon of the the new ergonomic trend in the world production of writing instruments.

Pencils wooden body in this serie have a triangular shape that ergonomically binds with your fingers and allows fixed positions upon turning, rotating or keep the pencil lead on the same side, which retains its form longer and thus maintains the thickness and elegance of drawing lines.

«Grip-rite» pencils are packed in an original triangular cardboard pack with a bright, memorable picture. The serie offers a standard set of 12 color pencils with a 2.9 mm lead, a set of 12 bicolor pencils which combine 24 colors, a set of 12 bicolor thus 24 color watercolor pencils – brush included, as well as a “Jumbo” set containing 12 pencils with a thick lead diameter of 5 mm. Also, the serie holds in its portfolio a number of graphite pencils of HB hardness with varied body coloring and silver stripes along the edges, while the top is equipped with a pencil eraser. For customers convenience, the graphite pencils are packed per packs with varied quantities. The pencils quality in «Grip-rite» series corresponds to the overall pencil quality manufactured by the MARCO Brand.

Easy sharpening, integrity of the lead, writing softness, quality of the body coloring and aesthetically perfect appearance are the qualities that have set the «Grip-rite» Serie to be a welcome tool and gain constant admiration around schools and offices.