Superb Writer Collection, under the MARCO Brand, is the most popular, best-selling serie of the extensive, diverse product range offered by TM MARCO. Neat, laconic, two-colortone packing, right away gained our customers of all age and varying consuming demands. In some cases it even became the hallmark of the MARCO Brand. Impeccable quality of the pencil as a whole, and as all of its individual components, at the same time the strategically set non-high price is much appreciated by the customers. For 16 consecutive years this serie confidently holds the leading sales position on the pencil market.

Superb Writer Series gradually absorbed all the possible variations and packing options, always keeping up and often get ahead of customers’ wishes and demands. At some point the evolutionary and on time innovation in this serie were the 12 two-sided, bicolor pencils of 24 colors. They came in handy for the school needs and up until now are much popular and favorite in this serie.

Realizing the safety importance when it comes to kids and pencil use, TM MARCO constantly conducts research and development regarding environmental safety, and on the other hand ensures that all materials used in the production process are non-toxic and eco-friendly. All lead components in Marco pencils are strictly certified and do not alter from those stated. Due that, achieved is a constant quality and consistency of colors from lot to lot, from serie to serie. Superb Writer includes such an unusual pencil representative as the “shortened” – meaning half-reduced size in the twelve and six color pencil sets, while the lead stout is the same as its big brothers’ 2.9 mm.

Presented is also a serie of JUMBO pencils, whose fans are our smallest, but the most demanding friends of 3+ years old. The standard pencil, lead thick 2.9 mm, is offered in five different packing options, as 6,12,24,36,48 color sets. As well as a serie of Watercolor pencils, brush included offered in packs of 12,24,36 color sets.

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The serie also has a narrow, but high in demand assortment stretch of Graphite Pencils, of the most popular hardness HB and 2B offered in two different packing designs. Packed per gross/144 pcs and sold by piece, for not to restrict the buyer the option to purchase the exact needed amount. TM MARCO constantly keeps onto new developments, considering the wishes and comments of its customers, conducting an ongoing dialogue with the market. We are always glad and proud of each new member that enters the tacit society of MARCO Pencil appreciators. We welcome and invite you to be embraced by the already familiar and never aging yellow-blue flag of Superb Writer Series.