Collection Natural

The "Natural" Pencil Serie, one of the main collections under MARCO Brand, is produced especially for lovers of nature and admirers of natural beauty wood and tree structure.

Retaining all features and qualities of a MARCO Pencil, the pencils in "Natural" series are distinguished by the careful selection of wood, excluding any structural flaws in the material pattern, so the beauty of nature experience be fully enjoyed. Made of Linden wood, and impregnated by a special mixture compound, in addition to its functional qualities, gives out a pleasant pinkish tone, providing the illusion of the top master of pencil manufacture, but unfortunately too expensive, Canadian Cedar. There is nothing to be compared with a pleasure of owning a pencil with natural, vivid wood pattern. We are pleased to offer you a range of assortment of MARCO "Natural" pencil series.

Let it demonstrate in your hands and heart the most dear, natural feeling for the love of Art and true Nature.